Penile Papules Removal Cost – How Much?

by admin on June 20, 2011

Pearly Penile Papules Removal Cost can widely vary, depending on some factors. The severity of PPP is also taken into consideration. Sufferers can choose between surgery or natural methods.

There are a number of options for natural removal procedure. One can apply tea tree oil and castor oil. It may also take a longer time to achieve the desired result, although some do see results even after just a few days of trying out the oils. How long you apply the oil will also affect your expenses. The amount of oil/cream to apply should also be in moderation. When you apply more, you might worsen the PPP. The oils, although they are natural ingredients, still may contain some natural chemicals that may cause irritation.

How often should you apply castor oil/tee tree oil?
It is recommended to apply it 3 times a day with a cotton swap. Clean your organ also before the application.

How about AHA or Alpha Hydroxyl Acid?
These might be more expenive, since it does depend on where you are(what country). Most of the AHA are made in Europe and the US.

When using natural PPP removal methods, cost will always be cheaper than doing surgery. There’s no professional fee, no hospital, and more.

Going with Laser Surgery to remove Pearly Penile Papules could cost you $3000+. Quite Costly right?

Here are advantages of CO2 laser surgery :

  • Just a few days of hospitalization
  • Latest procedure
  • Least burning and scarring

Here are some disadvantages :

  • Of course, its high cost
  • Thi won’t remove PPP forever. It can still go back. PPP CO2 laser procedure isn’t a guarantee that it will stay out of your shaft
  • People do hate staying in a hospital

Other surgical procedures may cause scars and will cost at the least $1000.

There’s still a post-surgery procedure if you go with the surgical method. The weeks after the surgery can also be painful. Common effects of undergoing surgery to remove PPP are swelling, scabbing, scarring, reddening, and irritation.

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